Chatting with a Male Counsellor

The most important aspect of counselling is the relationship that exists between the therapist and the client – a space where the client feels comfortable to be able to speak about issues and understood, knowing they will not be judged.

While most counsellors and therapists tend to be women, there may by times when a person (client) may prefer the advice of a male counsellor. Perhaps a counsellor of another gender such as a male therapist might help you confront and solve the problems you face that prevent you from living a happy, harmonious, and productive life?

Here are some reasons why people seek a male counsellor.

A Preference for a Male Perspective

Many therapists bring their own life experiences into sessions when working with clients. In this scenario, a male counsellor is able to share and talk about obstacles they have overcome in his own life and share them in sessions.

Men and women possess different ways of viewing the world around them based on their experiences.

Seeking the support of a male counsellor who has gone through issues you’re experiencing right now may provide empathy for you.

Women may also benefit from seeing a male therapist because he can explain the behaviors and the mindsets of how men think and act in relationships. Talking to a male counsellor may help her to have empathy for the man in her life and understand the motivations behind his actions and behaviors.

Feels More Comfortable Talking About Certain Topics

Some men may feel more comfortable in the company of other men than they do in the company of women, and depending on the topic, past experiences or  past relationships, they may feel shy speaking to women.

Certain topics may be sensitive and discussing these with another man may be easier to discuss[2]. What’s most important in sessions is that the client feels comfortable with the counsellor. This comfort level enables them to open up about personal issues.

Needing a Male Role Model

In a single-parent household where the parent is a female, a child may have no male role model in his life, so speaking with a male counsellor may provide the opportunity to engage with a positive male role model.

For example, when a boy has been abandoned, it can be helpful in building a safe, professional relationship with another man that he is able to confide in to rebuild trust. It may be (feel) safer for a boy to reveal feelings to a male counsellor that he may not be able to discuss with his mother.

A Need to Understand It’s Normal for Men to Express Feelings

When working with a male counsellor, male clients can learn that emotions are completely natural and should be expressed. Male counsellors can help men understand that it’s natural to feel and express emotions and it’s unhealthy to bury emotions.

In sessions, men realize they are not alone which allows them to express their emotions, fears, and struggles without judgment, leading to feelings of strength and empowerment.

Last Thoughts

You’ve discovered some of the reasons to consider seeing a male counsellor to help you resolve some of your most pressing issues. A male counsellor may provide a great choice for you to take the first step on the journey to emotional healing, mental wellness, and recovery.


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