Companionship, connection and shared experiences.

Moving into a aged care facility can be stressful for the person moving in, and for the children. We believe in a relationship-based approach to care and support, as opposed to task-based. Because to us, care is personal. By gaining an understanding of your needs, personality, hobbies and values, we can work towards a “new” you.

As that bond grows, all of the stories, activities, time and experiences you share together help keep you engaged and active both physically and mentally.


From stories in the paper to tales about your life growing up, the sky’s the limit to the conversations you’ll share.


This could mean active conversation, or simply sitting together in peace and quiet.

Company over meals

Sharing a meal is far more enjoyable than eating alone

Outdoor activities

If you enjoy walking or gardening, we would love to join you outside.


Such as scrapbooking, knitting and other creative outlets.


Activities and games can help promote mental stimulation.


We love to chat about current and historic events.


Have some old stories? We’d love to hear them!


From extending your known family tree to learning more about history, we can help you find what you are looking for.