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Mindfulness Based Therapy

Mindfulness is a process of learning to pay attention and be aware of the present moment by brining the clients’ whole being into the process. It is practice of calming the mind and relaxing the body in order to see life more clearly.

The foundations for practicing mindfulness require a non-judgmental mental attitude, patience, beginners mind, trust in yourself and your feelings, non-striving and allowing yourself to be as you are, acceptance of the present moment, and letting go or non-attachment.

Mindfulness focuses on awareness of body, breath and mind in order to bring into awareness what arises and cultivate an atmosphere of learning, growth and change in the present moment.

Person Centered

Client centered therapy, or person centered therapy, is a non-directive approach to talk therapy. The client actively take the reins during each therapy session, and  the therapist acts mainly as a guide or a source of support for the client. 

This approach supports people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to more effectively manage and make informed decisions about their own health and health care. 

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution focused therapy is focused on the present moment. It focuses on goals that the client wants to achieve by gathering their strengths and inner resources. The therapy is usually brief (a few sessions) and the focus is on implementing the desired changes in the persons’ life. Solution focused therapy works on the premise that life is always fluid and changing. It focuses on solutions rather than issues and symptoms. The focus of therapy is the clients’ preferred future or course of action. The therapist’s role is to foster the relevant positive thinking, strategizing, confidence and self-esteem in the client in order to act with confidence to achieve the desired goals.

Identity, Culture and Spirituality

With all client groups, the whole of the person is always considered. The person’s identity and values hold an important role to their overall mental, physical emotional and spiritual healing. The person is always treated with worth, dignity and respect. Many people choose to discuss their culture, religion and spiritual values in therapy. Their strengths and resources in these areas are great ways to tap into their healing, to help them live a more positive and fulfilling life.

Relationship Therapy

Relationship based counseling focuses on improving the quality of the relationship between couples. The focus is on building trust, understanding and open and positive communication. The satisfaction of the relationship is considered and various areas such as affect, quality time, role allocation, stress, work life, finances, cultural values, spiritual beliefs and family of upbringing are considered.


Parent training focuses on improving the parents’ knowledge, and implementation of positive parenting strategies. This includes training the parents to know how to implement proper limits and boundaries but also have a loving and affective relationship with their children. In addition, in two parent families both parties are encouraged to follow the same routines and have consistency. Parents are supported and validated in their parenting role and their strengths and resources are highlighted.


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