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journaling and grief

Dealing With Grief After a Breakup: How to Heal and Move Forward

Dealing with a breakup in a long-term relationship can be emotionally devastating, triggering feelings of grief, anger, and regret. Overcoming such an ordeal requires acknowledging your feelings without judgment, actively practicing self-care, and reflecting on the dynamics of the relationship. As time passes, focus on future possibilities, cut ties with your ex, rely on supportive relationships, respect the positive aspects of the relationship, and trust the healing process. Remember that while this grief becomes part of your story, it doesn’t define you.

Therapist, Meds, and My Programming Life

Over many years as a developer, I struggled with undiagnosed mental health issues like anxiety and depression. A challenging work email eventually triggered intense suicidal thoughts. I sought professional help and was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. I took medical leave and began seeing a therapist and psychiatrist. In therapy, I’ve acquired helpful tools like meditation apps to manage my mental health. While I still struggle at times, I’m better equipped to handle depressive episodes. I also made lifestyle changes like improving my sleep habits, journaling, and unplugging from technology. My story shows that the high-pressure tech industry can take a toll on mental health. I share my experiences to help destigmatize mental illness and encourage others to seek support. My journey continues, but I’ve made progress in rebuilding my mental health.

Caring for the Minds Behind the Machine: Why Tech Needs Developer Wellbeing Advocates

Study show the demands of software development can severely impact developers’ mental health, causing critical issues like burnout, anxiety, and depression. To truly support their psychological wellbeing, technology companies need to take proactive and comprehensive steps. That is why businesses should pilot developer wellbeing advocates, either in-house or via specialized third-party services. Well-versed in developer lingo, these advocates could provide customized mental health resources finely attuned to the unique developer experience. The time has come for tech leaders to realize the benefits supporting developer wellbeing can bring.

Imposter Syndrome: Helping IT Professionals

In the fast-paced and competitive world of information technology, imposter syndrome poses a significant challenge for professionals. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Empowering IT Professionals dives deep into this prevalent phenomenon, exploring its impact on individuals and providing practical advice for conquering self-doubt and building self-confidence. Discover strategies, mindset shifts, and valuable insights that will empower you to thrive in your IT career and overcome the obstacles that imposter syndrome presents.

mindfulness for IT professionals

Enhancing Mental Resilience in a Digital World with Mindfulness

Explore the powerful practice of mindfulness and discover how it can help IT professionals navigate the challenges of the digital age. This article provides valuable insights and guidance on incorporating mindfulness techniques into daily routines to enhance mental resilience and foster a sense of inner peace.


In the Shadows: Men’s Mental Health

In this post, we tackle the crucial topic of men’s mental health, emphasizing the need to break the silence. We explore the unique challenges men face and the power of seeking support. Join us as we unravel stigma and highlight the benefits of counseling services. Let’s prioritize men’s well-being and foster a world without emotional boundaries.