Find Comfort Through Online Grief Counselling

online grief counselling
online gief counselling

Losing someone or something important can be utterly devastating. Grief has a way of turning your world upside down. Know that you don’t have to weather this storm alone. Online grief counselling provides a convenient way to get professional support during this painful time.

Benefits of Online Grief Counselling

As a licensed counsellor and IT specialist, I understand both the emotional and technical aspects of online therapy. I conduct secure video sessions via Google Meet to provide:

  • Accessibility: Get care from the comfort of home on your schedule. Geographic barriers disappear.
  • Privacy: Open up in a safe, familiar environment without judgement.
  • Flexibility: Arrange appointments outside 9-5 hours to suit your needs.
  • Affordability: Eliminate transportation costs and other fees.

Of course, online counselling has its own considerations:

  • Technology: While I’m here to help if we run into any glitches, stable internet is essential.
  • Building rapport: Establishing a strong connection might take slightly longer online, but trust me, it’s possible!
  • Non-verbal communication: I’m skilled at reading your emotional cues even through video, but sometimes a phone call or in-person session might be needed for deeper understanding.
  • Privacy and security: Rest assured, Google Meet prioritizes data security and confidentiality.

My Approach to Online Grief Support

 I approach each person with care, wisdom and an open heart. My goal is not to “guide you through” grief, which no one can fully control or direct another through.

Rather, I walk alongside you, bearing witness to your journey without judgement. Loss affects everyone differently – there are no cookie-cutter solutions. Together we can discover what feels meaningful and helpful day by day. I’ve developed an array of techniques to compassionately support various needs that may arise amidst grief and transition.

My role is not to fix or solve anything per se; instead I create a safe space for you to process emotions, gain self-awareness, and tap into your inner resilience. There will inevitably be light and dark days ahead; through it all, you need not travel alone. My eclectic style incorporates:

  • Mindfulness training
  • ACT techniques
  • Rituals for letting go

I help you process complex emotions, gain coping skills, and find meaning during this transition.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t wait to get grief support. Prolonged distress can negatively impact health and relationships. Reach out today to:

  • Learn more about my background
  • Ask questions about online counselling
  • Schedule a consultation

You deserve compassionate care tailored to your situation. Together we’ll find light within the darkness of grief.

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