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How to Cope with Stress and Burnout as a Software Engineer

Software engineering is a mentally strenuous field with high burnout rates. Prolonged stress from heavy workloads, constant change, availability expectations, toxic culture, isolation, and problem fatigue bring exhaustion, reduced performance, cynicism, and mental health effects. Software engineers can alleviate stress by refueling with rest, setting boundaries, prioritizing wellness, managing time, avoiding perfectionism, leveraging strengths and reframing mindset. Long-term resilience requires pursuing passions, continuous learning, strengthening support systems, requesting accommodations and changing jobs strategically. With proactive stress management, growth and support, software professionals can thrive and derive meaning, not just cope.

Social Isolation in Rural Communities

The lack of meaningful social connections and relationships, known as social isolation, can be caused by extended periods of separation from others, whether by choice or necessity. People working in remote areas, such as farmers and fishers, may experience isolation…

Myths about Counselling

When it comes to looking after our mental and emotional wellbeing, many feel embarrassed or anxious about talking to a counsellor. At the same time, we have no qualms about visiting our dentist on a periodic basis, or making an…