Introducing the Developer Wellbeing Advocate: Supporting Developer’s Mental Health


The tech industry is notorious for its intense work environments – overnight coding sprints, relentless product launch cycles, and constant pressure to skill up on new technologies and programming languages.

While developers are lauded for their technical prowess, the immense stress often takes a toll on mental health. Studies show software engineers have above average rates of burnout, anxiety, and depression. However, stigma and stoicism make it hard for developers to seek support when struggling.

That’s where a new role comes in – the developer wellbeing advocate. This position is dedicated to protecting and nurturing the overall health and wellbeing of engineering teams. Let’s explore what these specialized advocates do.

What is a Developer Wellbeing Advocate?

A developer wellbeing advocate is a professional who works within a technology company or organization to promote and safeguard the mental health, work-life balance, and overall wellbeing of software engineers and developers. 


As advocates for developer wellbeing, they take on several key responsibilities:

  • Confidential Counseling & Active Listening: Having a judgment-free space to share vulnerabilities improves mental health. Developer wellbeing advocates make time to listen and provide counseling support to engineers who are overwhelmed, burned out, or facing other challenges. Conversations remain private and off-the-record.
  • Stress Management & Burnout Prevention: Through training and coaching, advocates share science-backed techniques for managing anxiety, adopting healthy coping mechanisms, establishing boundaries and avoiding the exhaustion of burnout. This equips developers with resilience.
  • Promoting Self-Care & Work-Life Balance: Sleep, nutrition, exercise and other self-care practices get neglected when work takes over. Advocates spread awareness, run workshops, and even lead activities like office meditation sessions to integrate renewal.
  • Ensuring Accessible Mental Health Benefits: From flex days off to subsidized therapy costs, advocates confirm developers can conveniently access and maximize mental health benefits without judgement. They assist with navigating logistics.
  • Advocating for Humane Work Conditions: When unrealistic deadlines or technical debt pile up, advocates communicate developers’ needs to leadership while pushing for healthier engineering practices. They aim to remove organizational obstacles to wellbeing.
  • Building Inclusive, Supportive Environments: Every developer should feel safe being vulnerable and asking for help without embarrassment. Advocates nurture welcoming cultures where seeking support and prioritizing yourself is normalised over hustle culture.
  • Providing Mental Health Resources & Education: From monthly newsletters, to training team leaders on warning signs, advocates continually share information and expert-vetted resources to reduce stigma and empower developers in caring for mental health.

Implementing a Developer Wellbeing Advocate Role

For organizations ready to pilot a developer wellbeing advocate, the first steps are:

  • Researching the needs of engineering teams through anonymous surveys and interviews. Gauge mental health challenges and the openness to support roles.
  • Creating a detailed job description outlining required qualifications like therapeutic training, developer experience, communication abilities and active listening skills.
  • Hiring for emotional intelligence and compassion just as much as technical capabilities to find the ideal candidate.
  • Onboarding the advocate by introducing them to developers, sharing mental health resources, and aligning on goals. Schedule regular check-ins.
  • Promoting the advocate’s services through internal communications and having them participate in engineering meetings and events.
  • Continuously seeking feedback from developers on what’s working and areas of improvement so the role evolves to best serve teams.

While some companies offer wellness programs, EAPs and other support systems, a developer wellbeing advocate goes further by specializing in the unique stressors engineers face. They become trusted advisors through combining deep technical empathy, counseling, and holistic health expertise. This focused role has huge potential to make work in tech more humane, fulfilling and caring of the whole person. Developer wellbeing advocates promise to boost retention, increase satisfaction, and protect the irreplaceable talents that make innovation possible.

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