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Brisbane Grief Counselling: Navigating Loss with Compassion

The experience of loss is inevitably a part of life – whether it’s the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, losing your job, or any other significant life change. Grief is the natural emotional response to loss, but for some, the intensity of grief can feel completely debilitating. Grief counselling provides critical support for navigating the painful aftermath of loss.

As a licensed counsellor specialising in grief, loss and loneliness, I understand the excruciating heartache that accompanies loss. Grief not only produces intense sadness but can also manifest physically through insomnia, changes in appetite, fatigue, and more. Additionally, unresolved grief leaves a person vulnerable to prolonged dysfunction and health decline. My mission is to provide customised care and evidence-based therapy to anyone struggling with grief and loss in the Brisbane area.

Individual Grief Counselling Tailored to Your Needs

The journey through grief is unique to each bereaved person depending on the relationship with what was lost, coping abilities, support system, and more. At my private practice in Brisbane, I offer one-on-one counselling carefully tailored to each client’s specific type of loss. Whether you’ve lost a spouse, child, parent, friend, job, or are experiencing grief from a major life change, I create space to honour your story and tend to your wounds with sensitivity and clinical expertise.

Through dialogue and advanced therapeutic approaches, I empower clients to process the full range of grief – including anger, regret, loneliness, heartbreak and despair. I also equip clients with coping strategies to manage the waves of grief when they feel overwhelmed. My goal is to nurture resilience while providing judgement-free support. Clients appreciate the balance of compassion and guidance I offer during extremely vulnerable times.

Counselling for Couples Coping with Grief and Loss Together

The death of an immediate family member or close friend often significantly impacts marriages and romantic partnerships. Even couples with the strongest bonds can struggle beneath the pressure of pain and bereavement. As the grieving process evolves differently for each partner, couples may find themselves arguing more, unable to communicate effectively, or growing emotionally distant.

I provide counselling uniquely designed for couples learning to cope with grief as a team. Through my integrative, research-backed approach, I create space for each partner to unpack their personal grief narratives whilst also guiding couples toward reconciliation and renewed intimacy.

Whether you’ve lost a child, parent or close friend, it’s common for hidden pain and stress fractures to emerge during intense grieving. I facilitate open, non-judgemental communication and help couples better understand each other’s grief responses. We also develop joint coping strategies and begin integrating gratitude into daily life. Couples counselling ultimately strengthens the relationship and equips partners to support one another onwards.

Healing Grief with an Integrative Approach

My counselling philosophy integrates traditional talk therapy with more body-centred and experiential therapies that encourage emotional release through creativity and non-verbal expression. Together, we find the right modalities to suit your personality and interests during the grief process. For example, mindfulness techniques and relaxation and self-soothing. Art therapy such as mask-making and music interventions help clients get in touch with and release difficult feelings through metaphor and symbolic creation.

By interweaving multiple modalities, clients explore grief from different vantage points, enhancing personal growth. Clients appreciate this whole-person approach to balancing emotional support with physical and spiritual healing. If you long to make meaning of your loss through creativity or spirituality, I can incorporate this into your care plan.

Committed to the Ongoing Journey of Healing

Whilst most clients see improvement within the first 12-15 weekly sessions, grief has no timeframe. Rather than expecting grief to fully conclude, my goal is to support clients in effectively managing and integrating their losses into a ‘new normal.’ I understand grief changes shape over a lifetime, intensifying on significant days like birthdays or anniversaries. Even years later, repressed grief can re-emerge during major life events or transitions.

To sustain ongoing healing, I offer aftercare check-ins, special community workshops, and refer clients to specialised therapies on an as-needed basis. I want to provide comprehensive bereavement care over the long run – through both the initial rawness and slower burn of processed grief. Please know your grief has a home here for as long as you need support. You don’t have to walk this journey alone.

If you or your family are enduring pain from a life-changing loss, please reach out. You deserve thoughtful care tailored to how loss specifically impacts you. My grief counselling services create a refuge to honour your grieving process, nurture resilience and spark meaning from your loss narrative. Let us walk slowly together toward the light of hope, one step at a time.



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