Mindful Coffee Break

Try out this exercise the next time you are making coffee for yourself ….

  1. Whether in your workplace or at home, pause and bring your full attention to your beloved cup of coffee. Listen to the sound of water being poured into the coffee pot, plunger or your cup. (Use your imagination to see the grinding of the coffee beans that are being used in coffee.)
  2. Move your attention through the sensations you can notice right now. See and feel the warm mug between your hands, inhale the delightful aroma.
  3. (Wait a couple of seconds)
  4. When you’re ready, fully taste those first few sips, noticing the taste, the warm liquid as it goes down your throat. Be aware that you are drinking your coffee while you do.

Much nicer, isn’t it? 

Practice this routine for a week or so, along with five minutes of meditation. Eventually, the breaks will become a habit; there will be more time in your days and attentiveness throughout your days.

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