Christian Counselling

Have you ever been told something like “God is just testing you” or “You just need to pray harder/more”. If you are a person with a mental health problem, hearing these statements are not helpful.

Just like anyone else in society, for a Christian… 

Life can be difficult. Jobs are lost, relationships are strained, loved ones pass away. Things just don’t go as they should. When times get tough, lots of people reach out to a counselor, in addition to family and friends, to get some much-needed support.

It is not your fault, rather it is one of the “gnarly waves of suffering we humans ride in this thing called life”.

Christian Counsellors seek to help people of all faiths or none, towards constructive change and growth in any or every aspect of their lives, through a caring relationship and within agreed relational boundaries. They do not make any assumptions or have any requirements about their client’s beliefs and values, and they will not press their faith onto them.

If you do have a faith then Christian counseling is a form of psychotherapy that is integrated into the methodology of traditional talk therapy along with beliefs and practices and the application of theological concepts. This is done in a way that comfortable for you.

All we are looking for is to walk with you, to help you find ways to engage with life with greater positivity.

If you are a pastor or Christian leader and would like to find out more, please chat with me to find out about how I can serve you and your church community and leadership team. Because you are worth it.

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