How Warm Pathways Came Into Being

The beginning of Warm Pathways started about 3 and a bit years go with something Brene Brown described as a Spiritual Awakening in recalling part of her life story. (Whether this next bit means anything, this was shortly after go through discernment.) Thoughs of failure were running through my head and at the end of the night I began to google my symptoms. Yes, this is something I recommend against generally, but in the search results was a link to the Beyond Blue web site and the K10 test. One completing that test, it was suggested I have a chat wtih my GP about what I regarded as mild anxiety. The next morning I made an appointment to see my GP and two days later I was there. I am not totally sure my GP was convinced, and wanted a second opinion and refered me to psychologist to get their opinion. At the end of that very first session I was told to go back to my GP to get a mental health plan. (At the same time I joined the forums on the Beyond Blue site.)

In sessions with my psychologist, we would obviously talk about things and one of those things related to values and beliefs. We also chatted about my future and what that might look like. I should probably point out that my depression and anxiety stemmed from work. Secondly, there seemed to be a growing gulf between my world in IT and things I found important. I do know that I found value in replying to people on the Beyond Blue forums. It made me feel useful, that I was actually doing something worthwhile. My other reason for being on the forums was that I did not want others to go down thes same path I did – not recognising there was a problem, thinking that everything I was going through was normal. So I started a Diploma of Counselling with AIPC. While doing the readings for this qualification I would also find out about myself, such as why I had certain thoughts or feelings, or why I behaved in a particular way. I completed the diploma in August 2020.

In my daily life I would work one job in the morning (parish administator), another in the afternoon (IT) and then other stuff in the evening. It can take a while to find our niche, or at least it did for me. In the spaces in which I move, and in conversations I have had the privilege of listen to stories of what people face and the associated challenges as they (/we all) get older. At the moment, the job that I do in the morninings I view as one of service that I am not prepared to leave yet which puts me into a odd position regarding work in the afternoons. More conversations and reflections and it seemed best I start my own business.

Why Warm Pathways?

The name came from one of those name generator tools – this one on a US therapy FB page. After entering information about my birthday, it returned a name close to that above, so I tweaked it a bit into what you read as the name. The name for me relates to a journey that we (counselor/client) take together along one or more pathways. The relationship betweem us is special, good, friendly. In a single word, it could be described as a warm feeling. That my is wish and goal.

For those who know me qutie well will recognise I have skipped over much of the detail in this story. This is a story of the beginning of my business and the steps that brought me to this point. That stuff I have skipped over may become other blog posts…

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