50 Things to try when Bored

Feeling bored and looking for ideas to spark your creativity, learn something new, or just shake up your routine? This list of 50 things to try when bored has tons of fun, productive, and entertaining activities for spicing up a dull day.

Boredom may feel unavoidable at times, but it also presents an opportunity to explore different hobbies, skills, experiences, and parts of yourself you’ve been neglecting. Stepping out of the mundane and repetitive can bring back your sense of curiosity, playfulness and wonder.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to curing boredom. This list ranges from quick, simple ideas like taking a personality quiz to more involved activities like volunteering or planning a weekend trip. You’ll find boredom-busting options whether you’re home alone, with friends, looking to be productive, or just want to relax and unwind.

Keep reading for 50 great ways to try something new, tap into your creativity, learn something, and beat boredom once and for all. There are so many possibilities for making the most of your free time and avoiding the rut of restlessness.

Activities to Try When Bored

Here is a list of 50 activities to consider when you are bored:

1. Learn a new skill like knitting, coding, or playing an instrument
2. Do a puzzle or play a board game
3. Exercise – go for a walk, run, bike ride, or workout
4. Cook or bake something new
5. Read a book
6. Write a poem, short story, or journal
7. Draw, paint, or do a craft project
8. Take an online class or tutorial
9. Make a vision board
10. Do yoga or try meditation
11. Clean or organize part of your home
12. Plan your dream vacation
13. Watch a documentary
14. Write letters to friends and family
15. Explore a new hobby like photography or woodworking
16. Rearrange or redecorate your space
17. Make a bucket list
18. Research your family tree
19. Volunteer for a cause you care about
20. Learn a dance routine from YouTube
21. Do the “36 questions that lead to love” with a friend
22. Make a time capsule
23. Organize old photos
24. Start a garden
25. Brainstorm ideas for new projects or goals
26. Listen to a podcast
27. Go geocaching
28. Invent or build something
29. Learn a magic trick
30. Learn a new language
31. Go on a hike or scenic drive
32. Explore your own town like a tourist
33. Play a video game
34. Try a Pinterest DIY project
35. Browse new music genres
36. Make a gratitude list
37. Research a topic you’re curious about
38. Work on improving a skill
39. Do watercolor painting
40. Take an online quiz or personality test
41. Reach out and chat with an old friend
42. Plan a day trip or weekend getaway
43. Make a bucket list for the year
44. Do a social media or tech detox
45. Write a short story or fan fiction
46. Play with pets or volunteer at an animal shelter
47. Make a time capsule
48. Try new recipes
49. Do pampering like a face mask or foot soak
50. Brainstorm ways to improve your community

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