Enjoying Time with our Children

Modern society puts great emphasis on productivity and activity. The biggest challenge for parents then is to be able to slow down, to feel that we are allowed to slow down. If we could all slow down, think of all the creative win-win situations we could create with our children.

If you can slow down and appreciate …. ?

A couple of examples;

When your child is struggling over putting his shoes on and you’re running late. How do you deal with this situation? Do you get angry at your child who is making you late? Or do you stop and help your child with their shoes? Perhaps both? Did getting angry help resolve the situation?

Another example, might be when your child wants to stay at the park or playground, and it’s a school day. At the same time you also aware you have to leave to give yourself enough time to make dinner, ensure there is time for the homework to be completed, baths and then bed. How do you deal with this situation? (Did you have to bring any work home with you?)

The time crunch to get everything done and done quickly becomes a pressure cooker that makes it difficult for parents to live in the moment and just enjoy their children.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy these moments with your children?

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