Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I see a counsellor?

    Speaking with a counsellor allows you to talk through your personal concerns, develop coping strategies and increase self-awareness. You are the master in your life however if you’re feeling stressed, having relationship problems or just need someone to talk to, I can help you to develop methods and strategies to help cope and move forward.

    Seeing a counsellor can compliment other mental health or medical services as they approach you as a whole person and take you as you present to them. Counsellors don’t make a diagnosis of any mental health conditions but assist to to develop strategies to cope with what is going on for you.

    Nicole is a counsellor that is deeply empathetic, interested in your story and wanting to help you live your life true to yourself. Nicole has had many unique life experiences that translate to a broad appreciation for your circumstances, whatever they may be.

  • How many sessions should I attend?

    The number of sessions will depend on the support you need and the goals set in your early sessions. You may like as few as two sessions or as many as you feel is necessary to achieve your outcomes. The number of sessions will be determined between us. I treat each session as though it might be the last and to give you the best service I can.