Who is Warm Pathways?

Tim Coates, Male therapist in Brisbane

Therapy Style

Person-centered therapy, also known as client-based therapy, uses a non-authoritative approach in which you (the client) take more of a lead in sessions and in the process, are able to discover solutions to the issues presented.

Based on the work of American psychologist Carl Rogers, we believe every person is unique and, therefore, everyone’s view of his or her own world, and their ability to manage it, should be trusted. Rogers was a proponent of self-actualization, or the idea that each of us has the power to find the best solutions for ourselves and the ability to make appropriate changes in our lives. The reason this was initially referred to as a non-directive therapy, was the counsellor followed the client’s lead and not direct discussion.

Within person-centered therapy, the role of the counsellor acts as a compassionate facilitator, listening without judgment and acknowledging the client’s experience without shifting the conversation in another direction. The counsellor is there to encourage and support the client without interrupting or interfering with their process of self-discovery, as they uncover what hurts and what is needed to repair it.

So let me hear your story, tell me about your issues .. together we can take that journey to a place of self-discovery and self-acceptance and provide a means of healing and positive growth.

My Story

We each have a story to tell and I am no different. For much of my life I have worked in the IT world. In her notable TED talk, Brene Brown described a breakdown as a spiritual awakening. My story would not go that far, except that personal circumstances resulted in me re-evaluating my life and what was important. I found my problems were not unique to myself and by talking about this with others was helpful not only for myself but the other person I was talking to. The end result of this is a slow and gradual move into the world of counseling.

I started work as a parish administrator, completed a diploma in Counseling, volunteer in the mental health space, and still dabble in IT. Within these positions I have been fortunate enough (and privileged) to be able to speak with people in their good times and in the not so good times. In those moments of real and honest conversation, there is a possibility of finding a way forward.

This is the reason I moved into this space and my goal – to give you a safe space where you are able to speak what you a feeling or thinking, safe in the knowledge you will not be judged. Talking about such matters is better than staying silent and trying to cope by yourself.

Your story is worth sharing and I will listen to you tell that story.