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Tim Coates, Male therapist in Brisbane

We each have a story to tell and I am no different. For much of my life I have worked in the IT world. Things changed in the late 2010s – I started to see a psychologist and shortly thereafter a psychiatrist. Around the same time, I would also find out I have haemchromotosis which can have mood swings and depression as symptoms. (I was also the typical male – one who did not talk about the stresses of life.)

From the forums at Beyond Blue,  I would find out my problems were not unique to myself.  Talking about my situation with others was helpful not only for myself but the other person I was talking to, perhaps they felt they had been give permission to talk about their own struggles.

The end result of this is a slow and gradual move into the world of counselling.

I moved from the world of IT to become a parish administrator, and in this role I can talk to families preparing a funeral service, or from a hospital looking for a priest to administer last rites. I  completed a diploma in Counseling. I have also completed an associate degree in Theology. I also do volunteer work in the mental health space.  (I also help others with IT issues.)

Within these positions and spaces, I have been fortunate enough (and privileged) to be able to speak with people in their good times and in the not so good times. In moments of real and honest conversation, with a little humor and touch of empathy, I can provide the support the other is looking for.

This is the reason I moved into the counselling space goal – to give you a safe space where you are able to speak about what you a feeling or thinking, safe in the knowledge you will not be judged. Talking about such matters is better than staying silent and trying to cope by yourself.